Knox & Ross Law Group serves the needs of the financial services industry with business counseling services. Our experience includes representation of a wide variety of clients in this industry, including banks, brokers, insurers, lenders, investors and consumers. By emphasizing responsiveness and accessibility, the firm provides creative and effective legal solutions to its financial services clients.

We represent individuals, businesses, corporations, and associations throughout California. Knox & Ross Law Group exercises a team approach towards litigation; we first assess liability exposure, and then allocate resources and personnel with the expertise to necessary to provide clients with a strong and cohesive legal team. If the circumstances call for additional outside expertise, our firm is well versed in litigation management, to ensure that our client’s needs are responded to rapidly, decisively, and cost effectively.

Specific areas of focus include the following:

  • Annuity Products
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Financial Product Distribution
  • Rival Claims and Beneficiary Disputes
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Employment and Labor
  • Financial Services Litigation
  • Data Privacy, Security and Management
  • Class Actions
  • Mortgage Products
  • Trademark
  • Structured Settlement Transfers
  • Records and E-Discovery 
  • Trusts and Estates 




Knox & Ross Law Group has experience representing a variety of clients in the restaurant, food and beverage industry.  There experience includes business counseling, as well as sale and use tax audits.  The firm has worked extensively with the state and federal tax court systems to secure formal and informal resolutions to both audit examinations and other litigation.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Commercial Litigation
    • Contract Claims
    • Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate
    • Property Acquisition
    • Commercial Leases
  • Technology
    • E-Commerce
    • Internet Sales
    • Electronic Discovery
  • Transactions
    • Licensing
    • Trademarks
    • Franchising
  • Transportation
    • Warehousing
    • Logistics



Transport/ Logistics/ Manufacturing:

Knox & Ross Law Group’s Transportation Industry Group is experienced in all areas of transportation law and policy. Our interdisciplinary expertise overlaps with our Commercial and Business Law categories. We regularly represent motor carriers, inter-modal shippers, motor coach and bus companies, municipalities, railroads, school districts, freight system manufacturers and operators.

We have resolved many transportation matters involving catastrophic and large loss property damage, insurance, indemnity and subrogation issues, including regulatory compliance requirements and uninsured motorist coverage issues.

Areas of Expertise:

  •  Commercial Litigation
  •         Freeway and grade-crossing collisions; road construction and guard rail litigation
  •         Personal injury and wrongful death claims
  •         Product and trucking distribution centers and terminals; loading and unloading accidents
  •         Property damage claims
  •         Product liability claims
  •         Railroad claims and litigation
  •         Environmental regulatory compliance
  •         Transportation, release, and exposure to hazardous materials or wastes
  • Mass toxic tort and environmental clean-up litigation
  • Trucking and Motor Carrier Accident Litigation
  • Pre-litigation investigation for catastrophic injuries and property damage
  • Experience with sophisticated computerized equipment, including Global Positioning Systems (GPS), on-board recording devices, log scanners and location systems for successful defense of claims, and in pursuing discovery from other entities where preservation and/or spoliation of evidence is alleged
  • Environmental and Toxic Torts
  •         Arbitration and administrative hearings
  •         Breach of contract claims and warranty disputes
  •         Service contracts and delay claims
  •         Pre-transactional strategic planning and negotiations
  • Legal Investigation

Sports & Entertainment:

Our entertainment practice focuses on the music, motion picture, television, sports, Internet, digital media, and publishing industries. We have critical access to key players in the entertainment industry and provide clients with the business-oriented and dedicated legal advice needed to thrive in today’s multi-disciplined, multimedia entertainment marketplace.

We provide both planning and advice, so that our clients can structure their business operations and personal finances for the best possible tax result. Our skilled advocates have appeared on tax controversies before the United States Tax Court, United States District Courts, and California State Courts. We have successfully settled tax cases with the Internal Revenue Service, the California Franchise Tax Board, and the California State Board of Equalization.

  • Music. The firm helps to shape and maintain the careers of recording artists, producers, record and publishing companies and executives, managers, production companies, publishers and songwriters in the music sector. Our team drafts and negotiates record, publishing, producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate sponsorship, licensing and Internet agreements. We consult with artists as well as record and publishing companies regarding their financing, entertainment and Internet strategies and the protection of their intellectual property rights.


  • Motion Pictures and Television. We provide legal advice to actors, writers, directors, producers, managers, agents, production, financing and distribution companies, networks and studios in the film, television, cable and interactive media sectors. From drafting and negotiating performer, writer and producer agreements as well as television and film financing and distribution agreements to complex financing and revenue-sharing cross-discipline license agreements, we cover virtually every aspect of the business.


  • Sports Entertainment. Our sports clients are business people with many diverse interests, investments and opportunities in need of protection. We have contacts with numerous industry insiders, and utilize this background in our negotiations. We are experienced in negotiating complex financing and acquisition transactions across the sports spectrum. Our clients include well known athletes, sports networks, professional sports announcers, Internet sports media companies, sports team managers and professional sports leagues and associations.

Government Claims *

Expertise in serving the people in a Wide Variety of Legal Matters. We are particularly skilled in the prosecution of actions seeking redress under federal and state government claims statutes. This familiarity with the many unique procedural provisions of government tort laws provides us with a competitive advantage in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Government Tort Claims
  • California Tort Claim Act
  • Personal injuries
  • Premises liability
  • Emergency response claims
  • Design claims
  • Property damage

Administration Law

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Permits and licensing
  • Environmental investigation and remediation


Construction *

Construction Law is one of California's most dynamic legal arenas, and Knox & Ross offers one of the leading Construction Law Practice Groups in Northern California. We are experienced in all aspects of construction law, including litigation, business transactions, construction management and project development.

As active participants in California's thriving construction industry, we are well positioned to promptly serve construction businesses of all sizes and fields of expertise. Our approach is to assess each assignment in conjunction with our client's objectives to ensure the matter is properly staffed with experienced attorneys, and, if appropriate, paralegals. Once the scope of the assignment is known, we work closely with our client to develop a cost-effective budget and the strategies needed for an efficient, timely resolution.


Areas of Expertise:

Construction Litigation

  •         Administrative hearings - Cal - OSHA and CSLB
  •         Breach of contract claims
  •         Construction defect claims
  •         Building code violations
  •         Indemnity disputes
  •         Delay and business interruption claims
  •         Job-site injuries
  •         Mold bodily injury claims
  •         Unfair business practice claims
  •         Warranty claims


Construction Business and Transactional Matters

  •         Contract negotiation
  •         Project development and management
  •         Insurance coverage and indemnity issues
  •         Labor and employment matters
  •         Loss control and risk management services
  •         Government regulation and compliance
  •         Risk management audits and training seminars
  •         Analysis of federal and state laws and building codes


Professional Liability

  •         Architects and landscape architects
  •         Design-build project management
  •         Property managers
  •         Civil, structural and geotechnical engineers
  •         Mold remediation professionals


Based on our decades of experience litigating construction cases, Knox & Ross is well qualified to assist clients in achieving their business goals and avoiding serious disputes, injuries, project delays, and litigation. In many instances, we have effectively served our clients' interests by integrating the expertise of our other related practice areas, including transportation, environmental, mold, employment, product liability, professional liability, and insurance. Our clients include architects, owners, developers, engineers, construction managers, contractors and lenders. Our network of expert witnesses and consultants provides assistance on short notice and compliments our legal services. By combining our community presence with state-of-the-art computer and information systems, we are well equipped to resolve construction disputes of all varieties, in a timely fashion.

Burnham Brown attorneys are active in nationally recognized professional associations, including the Defense Research Institute, the American Bar Association's Public Contract Section, Business and Utility Contractors Association, American Society of Safety Engineering, and the Associated General Contractors of America. Our attorneys regularly appear before Superior Courts, U.S. District Courts, and Courts of Appeal throughout California.




Our tech clients are innovative and busy entrepreneurs who prefer to connect with our attorney's online.  Most of our tech clients come from the start-up crowd and range from solar to mobile apps.

We represent our tech clients on a broad range of matters including: incorporation documents, partnership and founder agreements, intellectual property, financing and litigation services and more.  We offer a unique approach to our work with tech clients, designing communication and business strategies that are in alignment with the objectives of our clients.  Our goal is establish and maintain long-term business relationships with our tech clients.

Specific areas of focus include the following:

  • Annuity Products
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Property and Casualty Insurance
  • Financial Product Distribution
  • Rival Claims and Beneficiary Disputes
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Employment and Labor
  • Financial Services Litigation
  • Data Privacy, Security and Management
  • Class Actions
  • Mortgage Products
  • Trademark
  • Structured Settlement Transfers
  • Records and E-Discovery 
  • Trusts and Estates